Haruka Ozawa
Kanji Name 小沢 晴香
Romaji Name Ozawa Haruka
Gender Female
Age 20-21
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation 2nd Year Student
Relatives Ayaka Ozawa( twin sister, deceased )
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut The Forbidden Room
Seiyuu Ayumi Fujimura

Haruka Ozawa is the main female protagonist of Psychic Detective Yakumo. She has helped Yakumo in several mysteries.


Haruka has short, spiky pale pink hair and pale, light skin and big pale blue almost purple eyes. She is of average height. Detective Gouto describes her as "quite a catch", showing that he believes her attractive.


She also had a twin sister who died when they were younger. She was run over by a car when she went to catch a ball Haruka had thrown over her head. Haruka continued to blame herself for her sisters' death, but Yakumo helped her see her sisters' soul, and was relieved and happy that her sister was happy and didn't blame her.


Haruka is a university student who first met Yakumo when she needed help from him due to her friend being possessed by the souls of several murdered women. Yakumo agrees to help her, but for a fee. She begins a part-time job to help her pay him back, but quits after one time when Yakumo informs her that the fee had been settled. After their first case, Haruka continued bringing him cases and helping him in them as well. It is shown that Yakumo harbours feelings for her, and that she has also developed a crush on him.